Hail protection systems

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Hail protection systems

Post by uncle tom » 13:24 Sat 15 Apr 2017

Picked up this interesting article in the Telegraph today:

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04 ... ield-kill/

I'm speculating that this works better in Burgundy than Bordeaux due to the hillier terrain - if so, the Douro might be well advised to invest in the technology..
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Re: Hail protection systems

Post by DRT » 15:35 Sat 15 Apr 2017

the entire area will be protected by a network of 125 ground generators that cause tiny particles of silver iodide to rise to the clouds above, where they stop the formation of hail stones, and thus reduce the risk of damage.

I must confess I instantly looked at the date of the article expecting it to be 1st April :lol:
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