Best fortified wines?

Anything to do with Port.
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Best fortified wines?

Post by JB vintage » 19:10 Sun 26 Mar 2017

May I ask what is your personal ranking och what types of fortified wine are the best?

State your top three or more. I will summarize a list of the votes.

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Re: Best fortified wines?

Post by AHB » 20:43 Sun 26 Mar 2017

My top three would be:
  • Vintage Port
  • Late Bottled Vintage Port
  • Colheita Port
but I'm guessing that's not really what you meant.

Obviously my favourite fortified wine is Port. If I look at my cellar list it indicates that my second favourite is Cape Vintage Wine (port made in South Africa from the same grape varieties as in the Douro and often by the same people) and behind that would be Madeira.
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Re: Best fortified wines?

Post by RonnieRoots » 03:49 Tue 28 Mar 2017

Interesting question. There are quite a lot of contenders, but I guess my current preferences would be:

1. Port
2. Sherry
3. Moscatel de Setúbal

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