Krohn's LBV Port

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Krohn's LBV Port

Post by CranBurgundy » 02:10 Sat 11 Mar 2017

Looking for some feedback on Krohn's LBV Port. It seems very inexpensive so I was wondering if it has any characteristics reminiscent of their Vintage Port. Love the caramel / pecan pie hints their older bottles have. Can anyone offer links to tasting notes?

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Re: Krohn's LBV Port

Post by Tarne » 17:05 Sat 11 Mar 2017

Hi Dennis,

I'm relatively new to this lark and have only consumed one bottle, a 2011.

However, you will find my tasting note here:- viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11230

I usually find even a slight hint of caramel very noticeable and having enjoyed (too) many slices of pecan pie in Montana I can say I didn't get either from my bottle.

Best, Tarne.

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Re: Krohn's LBV Port

Post by LGTrotter » 21:00 Sat 11 Mar 2017

I have had the standard LBV a few times. I quite liked it, their vintage 03 was very tasty and well priced. They do seem to have a particular flavour to all their ports, very sweet, Tarne mentions pecans and I think he is spot on. I think they are now owned by Taylor Fladgate so I wonder if the style will change and if they will keep on producing them.

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