Christmas wine and port

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Christmas wine and port

Post by Doggett » 00:02 Sat 24 Dec 2016

I have finally decided on the main bottles to be enjoyed this Christmas and Boxing Day.

1x Penfolds Bin 707 1998
1x Hermitage 2005 wine society exhibition range produced by JL Chave
1x Chateau Musar 1998
1x Chateau Musar 2000
1x Faustino V 2008 in Mag
1x Fonsceca Guimarean 1978 VP
1x Taylor Vargellas 1972 VP
1x kopke 1977 colheita
1x Maynards 40YO tawny

What will other :tpf: members be looking forward to enjoying?

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope that 2017 brings happiness to you and your families.


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Re: Christmas wine and port

Post by richmills » 10:48 Sat 24 Dec 2016

Kopke colheita 1955 (already on the go)
Taylor 1970 for the big day
Taylor 1977 if it turns out there's another port emergency between Christmas and new year :)

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Re: Christmas wine and port

Post by flash_uk » 13:33 Sat 24 Dec 2016

I've got a G66 and an F85 standing ready. Lots in reserve if the need arises…

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Re: Christmas wine and port

Post by idj123 » 15:34 Sat 24 Dec 2016

New approach this year-a single bottle of VP plus a 1989 Barao do Vilar colheita. However, the VP is a DM of SV99 (which I plan to decant tonight)!

A Happy Christmas to all my fellow TPFers :D

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Re: Christmas wine and port

Post by PhilW » 18:24 Sat 24 Dec 2016

I'll be staying with my traditional Cr70 for Xmas tomorrow. Have the end of a Maynard 40yr tonight.
Merry Xmas to all :)

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Re: Christmas wine and port

Post by flash_uk » 21:22 Sat 24 Dec 2016

idj123 a 1989 Barao do Vilar colheita.
I had this last Christmas - went down very well with everyone.

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Re: Christmas wine and port

Post by Old Bridge » 09:50 Sun 25 Dec 2016

I do not have a big cellar, so not the great choice. This is what we shall enjoy this Christmas:
Quevedo LBV 2011 20cl
Graham's LBV 2008
Graham's 1983 Vintage Port
Ramos Pinto 20 Years Tawny Quinta do Bom Retiro
Ch. Latour 1983
Mortlach 1987 26yo # 3103 56,8% Refill American oak ex-sherry hogshead Adelphi Selection
Glenfarclas 25 Y.O. 43%
Delamain Pale & Dry X.O 40%

The Latour I worry about. We lived up north when I bought it, and the removal people decided to go partying after packing the lorry. Temperatures were down to -30 centigrade for the 2-4 days it took them to finish the party.
Since arriving it has been cellared well, but may prove a disappointment. I shall report back after boxing day, when it will have been drunk(or poured down the sink).

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Re: Christmas wine and port

Post by WS1 » 09:59 Sun 25 Dec 2016

so far a bt of Pignan 2005 and a bt of Taittinger NV. Not sure about today yet but thinking along a RSV from JJ Confuron from 2004 and some 85 Churchill. 92 Passadouro from half bt maybe an option if thirsty.


"Sometimes too much to drink is barely enough"
Mark Twain

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Re: Christmas wine and port

Post by Axel P » 17:17 Sun 25 Dec 2016

I opened a Sandeman VP, Vau and LBV to re-taste and was surprised by the logic of all three wines.

Merry christmas

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Re: Christmas wine and port

Post by DRT » 11:57 Mon 26 Dec 2016

Cockburn 1970 after the turkey at the in-laws - yummy :D
"The first duty of Port is to be red"

Ernest H. Cockburn

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Re: Christmas wine and port

Post by gerwin.degraaf » 18:59 Tue 27 Dec 2016

At dinner on Boxing day we enjoyed some:
- Louis Jadot - Domaine Gagey Beaune Gréves Le Clos Blanc- Beaune 1er Cru - 2005
- Domaine Digioia-Royer - Chambolle-Musigny "Les Fremieres"Veilles Vignes - 2007
- Avery's Finest Reserve Vintage 1963

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Re: Christmas wine and port

Post by uncle tom » 11:34 Wed 04 Jan 2017

Christmas dinner reds were a venerable but robust 1955 Morey-St-Denis, Clos de la Roche Burgundy, and a magnum of 1998 Clos des Papes CDP - which seems to be at a good age for drinking now. Port was a 1924 Taylor - excellent colour, but a tad hot..

My last bottle of VP drunk at home this year was also one of the poorest.. Ramos Pinto 1991 - a soupy wine with the earthiness that mars many '91s writ large - I've had this wine three times over the last decade, with similar results - one to pass by..
I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I shall be sober and you will still be ugly - W.S. Churchill

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Re: Christmas wine and port

Post by AHB » 13:40 Sun 08 Jan 2017

Over Christmas we threw away a bottle of CV 2005 that was so full of VA as to be undrinkable, replaced it with a bottle of Talbot 1983, accompanied it with some Louis Delauney NV Champagne and a 2012 Camel Valley Brut. Christmas Port comprised Dow 1963 and Morgan 1963. Just before Christmas some friends came round and we shared a bottle of Quinta das Carvalhas Tinta Francisca 2012 that was rather nice.
Top Port in 2017 (so far): Graham Stone Terraces 2015 and Quinta do Vesuvio 1994
2016 Port of the year: Cockburn 1908

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