1993 - A hunt

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1993 - A hunt

Post by ThomasBarleycorn » 12:32 Mon 20 Aug 2018


I'm afraid I seem to be unfortunately cursed by having been born in 1993. It's coming up to my 25th in December and while I have a few very good 1994 Ports and plenty of drinking well 1993 table wines, I'd really like a Port from 1993. Suggestions of blending some of my stocks of 1992 and 1994 same producers have already been received. :lol:

So It's a total wild stab, but does anyone on here have a bottle of anything Port from 1993, for one and be willing to part with it for another? Or at the least suggestions of where to get it, or advice to give it up as a non-starter.


Always on the lookout for 1993 wines!

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Re: 1993 - A hunt

Post by uncle tom » 20:57 Mon 20 Aug 2018

There is only one known declared vintage port from 1993, Q. Licieras, but it's really hard to find, and the only known stockist (in Portugal) is holding out for an absurd amount.

There are a small number of LBVs also, and the Q. Crasto LBV is actually a decent wine, but again, hard to find.

I am under stocked on the vintage, so have nothing to spare.

If you look at it from the bottling date perspective however, you could celebrate with a 1991 vintage port bottled in 1993 - of the ones that are easy to locate, the Graham is probably the best.

I could supply a bottle with good label for £45.00. There are also other good, but less well known vintage ports from 1991 which are cheaper, such as Morgan and Q. de la Rosa.
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Re: 1993 - A hunt

Post by PhilW » 11:51 Tue 21 Aug 2018

Vintage port from 1993 is essentially a non-starter, as Tom describes. I would suggest either looking at VP from 1991 bottled in 1993, or alternatively you could look for Colheita (essentially vintage tawny port) from that year, such as the Kopke 1993 Colheita.

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