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by Paul Symington
19:05 Mon 08 May 2017
Forum: Port Conversations
Topic: Hunt Roope & Co question
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Re: Hunt Roope & Co question

The address on this tube is that of the original Hunt Roope lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia that now belongs to my Family. The lodge is now a Warre lodge although some of the vats still have the Hunt Roope symbol on them. We bought the lodge in the 1990's and it is one of the most beautiful that we have,...
by Paul Symington
14:55 Sun 20 Oct 2013
Forum: Port Conversations
Topic: Paul Symington's 2013 Vintage Report
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Re: Paul Symington's 2013 Vintage Report

It is certainly safer to pick earlier and this gives much less chance of getting rain (by the way, we were picking grapes for white Douro DOC on the 4th September). We could have started picking in mid-August to be safe. There are certainly risks that we are very aware of in waiting for when the gra...
by Paul Symington
09:03 Tue 30 Apr 2013
Forum: Reviews
Topic: 2011 Vintage Review
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Re: 2011 Vintage Review

Thank you for a particularly careful and intelligent set of tasting notes on the 2011 Vintage Ports by Alex. Most interesting. The comments about the production quantities are very apt. in our case we calculate that we will be sell virtually all that we produce, so there will be literally none left ...
by Paul Symington
19:16 Sun 23 Sep 2012
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Topic: 2012 Harvest news
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Re: 2012 Harvest news

Rain came today after several days during which it felt like high Douro summer. It has been hot in the vineyards. Thank goodness for cooling equipment because there were some days last week when the grapes where simply too warm coming into our wineries. In the old days my father and uncles would hav...
by Paul Symington
20:07 Tue 27 Mar 2012
Forum: Port Conversations
Topic: Barron Forrester map for sale?
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Re: Barron Forrester map for sale?

Reading this discussion on the Douro maps, I must say that David Eley’s map called ‘The New Illustrated Map of the Douro’ is a remarkable work. Some have imagined that it is a modern day version of Forrester’s map, but the only similarity is that the river is at the heart of both works. Forrester’s ...
by Paul Symington
11:44 Sat 24 Dec 2011
Forum: Port Conversations
Topic: Has CSR had a makeover..?
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Re: Has CSR had a makeover..?

Hello everybody, this is what we did with CSR. When we bought the Cockburn's vineyards and lodges in 2006 we had to sign a supply contract with Beam to make Cockburn's Port for them, including CSR. All the wines had to be made to their specification. But we were not happy with the chill filtering th...
by Paul Symington
17:22 Fri 22 Oct 2010
Forum: Port Conversations
Topic: Taylor and Graham at Bonhams, Thursday 21 October 2010
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Re: Taylor and Graham at Bonhams, Thursday 21 October 2010

Just in case you are interested, I have written some comments on last night's tasting that Cynthia will shortly put on the Graham's Blog.
Good to see members of The Port Forum present.
Thanks for the support!