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by meditek
09:24 Thu 25 Feb 2010
Forum: Beer, Spirits, Cigars, and Pork Pies
Topic: Beer, 32% ABV
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Re: Beer, 32% ABV

Hmmm...41% = 80 degrees proof. Be more interested to hear from someone who's tasted it!
by meditek
10:04 Thu 11 Feb 2010
Forum: Port Tasting Notes
Topic: 1945 Warre
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Re: 1945 Warre Vintage Port

Oddly enough, I too opened a bottle of the same on Sunday. I had no idea of the year until I saw it written on the cork whereupon I did Google and found it here and there. The experience was pretty well identical to Axel's. Everyone that tasted it thought it was fantastic. It was certainly the best ...