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by PCM
10:48 Mon 13 Jul 2020
Forum: Selling Port
Topic: 1985 Taylo'rs Vintage port
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Re: 1985 Taylo'rs Vintage port

Andy Velebil wrote:
04:54 Mon 13 Jul 2020
Fonseca May have, temporarily, lost some oomph as IMO it is in a phase right now, but 1985 Taylor will never be great. Good yes, great no.
Andy, imho I miss some words after "Taylor will...." : "in my humble opinion". There is no absolute verdict (unless your name is Donald Trump ofcourse)!!
by PCM
21:20 Sun 14 Jun 2020
Forum: Port Conversations
Topic: 2018 Declarations
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Re: 2018 Declarations

Quinta do Vallado has declared a 2018 Vintage Port, a field blend of a vineyard in the Torto Valley. The label says Vallado Porto Vintage 2018 (not Quinta do Vallado!).
by PCM
16:13 Mon 04 May 2020
Forum: Port Conversations
Topic: 2016 Declarations
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Re: 2016 Declarations

From the World of Port (Port of the month april 2020) I understand that Quinta dos Lagares bottled their first Port: Quinta dos Lagares Vintage Port 2016 ( ... ntage-2016)
by PCM
14:05 Mon 06 Jan 2020
Forum: Port Conversations
Topic: Pointless Statistics
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Re: Pointless Statistics

uncle tom wrote:
08:59 Sun 05 Jan 2020
Total stock of VP has now crept past the 6000 bottle mark with a collective age that now tops 200,000 years
48 bottles per year, more than 6000 bottles!! How old are you planning to be :o ??
by PCM
09:35 Sat 12 Oct 2019
Forum: Other Wines
Topic: 2017 Quinta da Fonte Souto Portalegre Branco
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Re: 2017 Quinta da Fonte Souto Portalegre Branco

For EU readers it might be interesting to know that Garrafeira Nacional (Lisbon) sells the wines of Quinta da Fonte Souto:
Branco '17 €14.70
Tinto '17 €14.70
Vinho de Souto '17 €41.90

Shipment to most EU countries is free for orders over €150.00
by PCM
12:12 Wed 03 Jul 2019
Forum: Reviews
Topic: 2017s, B&F, Tue 25 June 2019
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Re: 2017s, B&F, Tue 25 June 2019

AHB wrote:
12:59 Tue 02 Jul 2019
Julia Harding has also published hers, but I am not a subscriber to Purple Pages so can't read her article.
Yes, you can (free to Barack Obama :) ): there is a free one-hour membership you can apply for (only once!), enough to read/copy the two articles of Julia Harding.
by PCM
15:00 Sun 30 Jun 2019
Forum: Port Tasting Notes
Topic: 2017 Pintas
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Re: 2017 Pintas

Hi Alex,
In May I had the pleasure to visit Sandra and at the end of the tasting she made me taste her VP '17 from cask. I knew (and loved!!) her VP '15 and '16, but this '17 blew me away, exactly for the reasons you described so eloquently. Sandra and Jorge make fabulous wines and Ports!