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by CranBurgundy
05:05 Mon 13 Mar 2017
Forum: Port Conversations
Topic: An afternoon of rummaging
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Re: An afternoon of rummaging

That is kinda fun, isn't it? I liken my rearranging to defragging a computer hard drive, as I slide over and move up or down to fill random open slots to create one continuous row which I can put newer bottles on.
by CranBurgundy
02:10 Sat 11 Mar 2017
Forum: Port Conversations
Topic: Krohn's LBV Port
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Krohn's LBV Port

Looking for some feedback on Krohn's LBV Port. It seems very inexpensive so I was wondering if it has any characteristics reminiscent of their Vintage Port. Love the caramel / pecan pie hints their older bottles have. Can anyone offer links to tasting notes?

by CranBurgundy
01:04 Mon 06 Mar 2017
Forum: Port Conversations
Topic: Forum signatures
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Re: Forum signatures

jdaw1 wrote:
23:53 Fri 03 Mar 2017
I’m not a fan of forum signatures: mere repetitive distraction.
They can be if they're obnoxiously long. Regardless of screen name, my signature is the same on any wine related forum I'm a member of.
by CranBurgundy
01:03 Mon 06 Mar 2017
Forum: Port Conversations
Topic: What have you got open this weekend?
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Re: What have you got open this weekend?

I'm being cheap on the Port this weekend with a Penfold's Club Tawny, because the other bottle of sweet wine open is a Sauternes: 2001 Chateau Suduiraut.
by CranBurgundy
21:07 Fri 03 Mar 2017
Forum: Port Conversations
Topic: Ratings and scores
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Re: Ratings and scores

Rate using the binary system: 0 = don't buy again 1 = buy again Voila! :lol: Okay, seriously - I use CellarTracker's scoring system because that's where I post tasting notes. 98 - 100 Extraordinary 94 - 97 Outstanding 90 - 93 Excellent 86 - 89 Very Good 80 - 85 Good 70 - 79 Below Average 50 - 69 Avo...
by CranBurgundy
05:33 Fri 03 Mar 2017
Forum: Port Conversations
Topic: Your first vintage port(s)
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Re: Your first vintage port(s)

Being primarily a tawny drinker since my early 20's, I got a late start in Vintage Port only 4 or 5 years ago. Luckily, I have a few friends with nice cellars, and I think I started with a 1977 Grahams. Since I often drink their 10 year Tawny, it seemed like a good place to start when offered a choi...
by CranBurgundy
04:56 Fri 03 Mar 2017
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hi there!
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Hi there!

Dumb luck brought me here. The Google was helping me locate some 1966 Krohn's Colheita as I'm down to my last bottle. A listing to this forum was on the 2nd or 3rd page, so I joined. There's no way anyone would consider me an expert by any stretch of the imagination. I do, however, enjoy a wide vari...