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by EwenCummins
19:17 Fri 29 Jul 2016
Forum: Port Tasting Notes
Topic: 1985 Fonseca
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Re: 1985 Fonseca

Hiya, Happy to drink all your current stock and replace in 10-15 years time. 30 years should be long enough, surely...
by EwenCummins
02:42 Sun 13 Sep 2015
Forum: Port Conversations
Topic: Where to drink port, and how?
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Where to drink port, and how?

Hello, Now I realise this may be the world's dumbest question....But where and how to drink port by the glass? Lying down, yes obviously... Standing up, yes, equally obvious.... But where can I buy a reasonable selection by the glass in: - London? - Yorkshire or there't't'about't'ts? Yours, Purple D...